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Today, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my books.

I have a lot of books, all aquired through various means. Many of them were bought in bookstores, new. When I lived in Portland, I managed to accumulate a very impressive amount, thanks to living near Powell's, the best bookstore in the world. Another large chunk of my home library was found at thrift stores. Most of my recent finds were found at yard sales, for 10 cents to a quarter apiece.

The reason that I find myself so awash in books lately is that I was just "given' a whole library full of them. My mom has more powerful book-accumulation skills than I do, and has rooms full of books. However, when she moved out last year, she left all her books behind in the house. She had a very small apartment, and didn't have room for most of them. But now, she's moved to a larger place which would probably have room for them, but now she's decided she doesn't want any of them. So she "gave" them to me.

So now I have more books that I know what to do with. I actually don't want most of them -- we have very different tastes in reading. She left me a lot of cookbooks, some of which are good, and a lot of Christian books, which I think she wants me to have for my supposed "benefit."

We don't have very many used bookstores here, and the ones we do have don't buy books very often. I've already tried contacting both of them, but neither is interested in what I have. I'm currently listing some for sale on the Internet, which holds some promise. If they don't sell this way, I'm going to have to sell them at a yard sale, and then, maybe, just give them out to people. What's left after this will have to go to a thrift store.

It's weird...I've never had Too Many Books before. I thought it was impossible.....

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