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Where I Show You My Rosemary

Montrose, part two, will be up sometime today.

I've been searching the internet for an image of an intact Kokopelli (see yesterday's entry for details), and I have yet to find one. I can find plenty of pictures of people drinking pee, but nothing which depicts a Kokopelli with the proper phallus. I have found the last internet taboo, I guess.

I used to work with a guy a few years back who had a shirt with a line of dancing yet intact Kokopellis on it. He told me it had taken him a lot of time and effort to find.

Today, the first ripe tomato showed up. It's only about a half-inch in diameter, but it's still ready to do. In about a few weeks, we'll have more tomatoes than we know what to do with.

This year's crop is my first real attempt to grow anything. Results, so far, have been mixed. The best so far are the tomatoes and the basil. The basil is growing so fast that you can't even tell when any of it has been picked. The next best crops are the oregano, peppermint and the rosemary. They're all doing pretty well -- although, it's hard to tell how the rosemary is doing, since it grows so slowly. It hasn't died yet, so I rule it a success so far.

Doing much less well are the strawberries, the squash and the parsley. The strawberries keep growing, but there is a serious lack of strawberries. I actually have two strawberry pots full of them, each pot with a different veriety. One was doing very well for awhile, and the other wasn't. I moved them together for awhile, and the slacker strawberry seems to have brought the overachiever strawberry down to its level. Now they just sit there, growing runner after runner, but not producing any strawberries. They're taunting me. The squash keeps producing blossom after blossom, but no squash or even pre-squash yet. The parsley just hasn't done anything at all. It's alive, yet stubborn.

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