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Woke up late today, because I decided to turn off my alarm clock and sleep until whenever I felt like. So I woke up at 9:30 instead of the normal 9. I've been trying to get up earlier these days, in the interest of productivity, but it just doesn't work.

Sunday is Newspaper Reading Day. I get very upset if I am somehow kept from reading at least two newspapers every Sunday. Today, as I was reading throught them, I noticed that I always read them in a certain order, and if this doesn't happen, it just feels wrong. I'm pretty flexible everywhere else -- I have no idea why this so important.

The Daily Sentinel must be read in this order:

  • Crappy ad inserts

  • the Mervyn's ad insert

  • the Target ad insert

  • The front page and first section

  • Business section

  • Local news/Opinion section

  • Featues/Classified section

  • (optional) Sports section and Parade

The Sunday Rocky Mountain News is read this way:

  • News section (local and national)

  • Commentary

  • Books

  • Sports

  • Sunday Spotlight

  • the Style section (because it's stuck in the previous section)

  • Home Front

  • Comics

  • Wall Street West

  • (optional) Travel, Careers, ad crap

On Sundays when I am feeling very flush in both time and money, I add the Sunday New York Times to the mix. This actually might be the most strict regimen of all:

  • Front page & first section

  • Sports Sunday

  • Money and Business (first section only)

  • Arts and Leisure

  • And, in the interest of saving the best for last, then comes:

    • Week in Review

    • Book Review

    • Magazine. This one is always last. If I read ti before that, I always feel like I'm cheating myself for some reason.

Wasn't that insightful? Looking over it, the only interesting part is that the thing I most look forward to in the local paper is the Target ad. I don't know what that means, since I don't even go there very often.

If it's a really special Sunday, I sometimes buy the Denver Post. But I don't have any prescribed order to read that in, for some reason. I don't really like the Sunday Denver Post very much, even though I used to work there.

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