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Where I Get Sick And Accidentally Buy Soy Milk

Thanks to the cheap Chinese food, or maybe thanks to the beer, I've spent most of the last 24 hours feeling like complete crap. I feel better now, but just barely.

Yesterday was the worst day. I woke up way too early, thanks to damn alarm clock I forgot to turn off. The big problem with the alarm clock is that I decided the kitchen would be a better place for it than beside my bed, so if the alarm goes off accidentally, I have to stomp out to the kitchen half-awake to turn it on. [1]

So I woke up much too early, but I still tried to function for awhile, unsuccessfully. But when I kept seeing things and falling asleep standing up, I decided it was time to go back to bed.

Good thing I did, or I would have missed having the dream where I have sex with Jon Bon Jovi. No wonder I woke up feeling so gross and just...not right.

It also could have been the fact that I was woken up by a phone call by my ex and that, when I went downstairs to go fetch some clothes, the washer was still full of water and wouldn't work. Good thing it got fixed later, or it would have been an even worse day. [2]

My throat hurt. My nose was runny. My head felt like it was stuffed with cardboard instead of brains. My side hurt. And I have no idea why. I felt the exact saem way last week, also after a Chinese-food-and-beer binge, but I don't know if that's just concidental or not. All I felt like doing all day was drinking enormous amounts of water and staring at the computer. [3] Tried reading. No good. Tried watching TV. Too confusing. Tried writing. Couldn't hold the pen correctly. Anyway, so I just sat.

I was hoping that if I took it easy all afternoon, I would feel better later, because I was supposed to go out with Z. and C. to a concert last night. But I didn't, and I decided that if I went in the state I was in, I would be definitely unfun to be around. So I cancelled. Maybe food would make me feel better, I thought. I took all the fresh veggies we had and tried to make ratatouille, but I could barely eat it. Bleah. It would have been delish, any other time.

I felt better around 10, and I decided to go to the grocery store to get things for breakfast. So I go. I come back, still sick, and find that the only things I managed to pick up were scallions and soy milk, and I don't remember wanting either of those items.

That was it. Time to go to bed. The good news is that I feel better this morning, and the washer is working. The papers have been read, in their usual order, and everything feels OK -- for now.

[1] Q: "So, why is the alarm clock in the kitchen?" A: Because it has a CD player in it. The only working CD players I have are my portable one and the one in the alarm clock. The other CD player is more or less broken -- it skips around completely at random, interesting maybe when you're listening to It's Gonna Rain, but completely aggravating at all other times. My need to play CDs trumps my need to wake up at a specific time right now.

[2] If I can offer any sort of advice to you all, it's that if you have the chance to be born into or adopted by a family that includes washer repairmen, by all means do so.

[3] And I do mean staring.

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