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Where I Pine For The Crunch

Happy news: one of my favorite edible products, Morinaga Choco Flake, is now available in bar form. Unfortunately, it seems to only be available in Japan right now, but you can always dream.

For those unaquainted with Choco Flake, it's essentially corn flakes which have been coated with a thin layer of chocolate. It's very crunchy and very sweet and extremely addictive. It has a satisfying crunch to chocolate ratio, similar to that of Krackel bars. [1]

Sadly, I've always had trouble finding it at Asian groceries. Choco Flake proper seesm to be rare: I once found something called Diet Choco Flake and another time, some pink Flake which claimed to be strawberry flavor. Wasn't the same, sorry.

Choco Flake in bar form would rock my world, if I had some.

There's some weird affinity between the Japanese and corn flakes, as far as I can tell. They put them in desserts. I had two ice cream sundaes while I was over there, and both came with corn flakes in them. Surprisingly, they were very good -- the corn flakes added a nice dimension of crunchiness to the ice cream. I rarely have ice cream sundaes (I'm not a big ice cream fan) these days, but I try to have corn flakes in them when I can.

I wish I could read Japanese better, so I could tell what the hell this site is about. As far as i can tell, it's some sort of fan club for pancakes. I hope so, because I would so be into a fan club for pancakes.

Spent today working, for once. I can't really say what I was working on, because I signed my life away in non-disclosure agreements when I started on this project last year. Suffice it to say, my work today consisted of sorting, stacking and annotating 4,000-plus near-identical photos of the most boring thing you can possibly think of.

It was also another One Song Day, one of those times when I spend entirely too much time listening to one song over and over again. Today's selection was "Dream Hat", off the 6ths album. It's probably the only song I've ever really liked that Mac McCaughan has sung on. [2]

Have I mentioned how much I love I HATE MUSIC? Probably not.

Serious book lust: (interesting how this entry has turned into a list of Things I Want) Someone on ebay is auctioning off an incredible assortment of WPA guides. They aren't offering some of the really rare ones, like Idaho or the first edition of North Dakota, or the one I currently want the most (New Mexico), but there's quite a few there I've never seen for auction before. They're all, to judge from their pictures, in great condition for 60-year-old books. Too bad I don't have any money. [3]

[1] Always the first casualty when I buy bags of Hershey's Minatures.

[2] Well, that and "Slack Motherfucker". But only those two.

[3] This is the first time I've ever seen the dust jackets for many of these books. Not like I'm a huge fan of the state, but I now covet the Nevada guide, for its cover, with Hoover Dam in it. It's surprising that more states don't have dams on their covers -- these books were written buring the Golden Age of American Dambuilding. But then again, what else does Nevada have to put on its cover?

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