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Where I Swear There Are No Notes Inside

Of all the things I had to do today before leaving town, my least favoite was the trip to the post office. I haven't sold any books through for weeks, and right before I'm supposed to leave town for a bit, someone buys four books.

It would have been a more pleasant chore if the woman at the post office hadn't decided that I needed a lecture on the proper uses of book rate mail. Not that she had anything to suspect -- all I was mailing was books. But I apparently looked like a book rate mail newcomer, and she thought I needed a-talkin' to. I had to promise this woman that I hadn't snuck a forbidden Post-it note in my book rate mail package, although (and this has to be our secret) I had. Shock. Panic. All of the related emotions.

I'm going to be away for a couple of days. I'm not sure when I'm going to get back, but in the meantime, my friend J. might be posting some stuff here for your perusal. Be nice to him.

I bought some superjuice today -- juice fortified out the ying-yang with nutritional stuff. I got grape flavor, which is usually a favorite.

I wasn't expecting it to be made with actual grapes [1] -- I was expecting grape flavor, which is an entirely different thing.P>

Grape soda, grape yogurt, grape candy, anything "grape" -- none of these taste like actual grapes. They just taste...purple.

[1] Muscadines!

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