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I survived perfectly happily without the Internet for years, so why is it that when I lose decent access to it for about a day, I go nutfuck? has been acting up all week, culminating in last night's fantastic array of disconnects and broken server errors. It was actually pretty impressive. And it's not like I can complain about this to anyone who can do anything about it, since I'm not really an approved user. Everything seems to be okay now, though.

I got paid yesterday, much earlier than I expected to. One of the problems with being a contract employee, besides accursed self-employment tax, is that the paychecks show up whenever someone gets around to giving them to you. Then, again, the benefits of being a contract employee at my job is that you can pretty much show up and go home whenever you want a benefit worth any amount of hassle. I've had three jobs now in my adult life that have been like that no defined schedule or hours. Getting the work done is the most important part whether I do it at night or in the morning or on weekends is up to me. No wonder I don't own a watch.

So, with my newfound riches, I bought a dress (I actually have no winter dresses, so needed it, you know?), and some books: Traveler's Tales: Food and Zen and Japanese Culture by D. T. Suzuki. I read some of the former today and it's terrific so far: it's a collection of short stories about interesting food encounters, whether here or abroad. Flan, dried squid sandwiches, 90 types of onions if it exists, there's a story for it. Highly recommended.

I might go to Denver this weekend my mom is moving there, and needs assistance in finding an apartment. Since I can tell Congress Park from Cheesman Park from Uptown from Capitol Hill from West Washington Park from The Baker Historic District [1] -- just from the address[2] -- my services are needed. Then again, maybe not my mom will probably end up somewhere out in Englewood or an equivalent burb. If that happens, my services will be concentrating on record shopping instead. I haven't actually been in Denver since October last year the accident, lack of money and extreme busyness have all stood in my way so it will be nice to go back, if only for a few days.

Speaking of, one thing I've been meaning to mention is that my friend H. from Denver now has a journal around these parts. It's weird I was looking at the list of recently updated diaries one afternoon, and decided to look at hers. I poked around it for a bit, and then I realized, HEY, I KNOW THIS PERSON. It was a really weird feeling. Anyway, go read.

[1] My old, beloved neighborhood full of used bookstores, dusty antique shops and leather bars. I miss it, even though the last time I drove through it, they were trying to loftize it. Bad move.

[2] Not like it's that hard.

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