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Where I Suck

There are 90 million reasons why I suck. These are just a few of them.

  • I have this book order from sitting in my inbox. The book is laying right next to the computer. I was supposed to mail it off on Tuesday. Have I mailed it off yet? No. So, if you're the guy who ordered my copy of Long Ago In France, I apologize for the delay. I am the laziest person in the world sometimes.

  • I keep wondering why people think I'm good at my job, when all I can think of is how little I know about what it is I do. Yesterday, I had to take some drill logs and measure them to find out specific stratigraphic zones, and then identify those zones. I have no idea how to do this, yet I did it, and no one seemed to be displeased. No one came over and said to me, "You're right. You do have no idea what you're doing. You'd better just go home." I keep feeling like I'm going to be found out for the impostor I am. Then again, on the other hand, my job allows me moments rarely found anywhere else, like being able to walk into a room and loudly bellow, "Just where the HELL is my boron report?!?"

  • I'm not keeping the puppy. I know, he's cute and he's little and he's wiggly, but he deserves a better home than I can give him. The backyard here is not big enough for both him and Hoover, and it looks like he's going to grow up into an enormous dog who needs a lot of space. He looks like he would be very bored being in our backyard Border Collies, even partial ones, aren't the type of dogs you want to keep cooped up. I think we've found a new home for him one of my dad's students which has much more space and time for him than we can give.

  • I have not cooked anything in days. I've been living off of boxes of Pocket Spinach (better than Pocket Curry, I must say) and some beef jerky someone brought over to the house. I can always tell when I've been eating badly first, it affects the stomach and then the mood and finally the skin. It's been a fun week to be around me, I must say.

  • Still haven't listened to any of the CDs I bought in Denver. This might suck the most of all. I just haven't had the time or space to do so. I hate listening to new CDs when others are around, which is most of the time, lately. I have to squeeze new listening time in in the mornings or late evenings, which coincidentally happens to be reading time, writing in the paper journal time and updating time. So I'm torn between too many possibilities, too many things to do. This weekend, though, listening that's all I plan to do.

  • I am weeks behind on email. If you wrote me and are now pissed because I haven't written you back rest assured, something is on its way.

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