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Now that I've awoken for another day, I realize that I really hate last night's entry. So if you do, too, take comfort that you're not alone. It just doesn't seem like it does what I was trying to do, and ended up being all awkward and disjointed and snotty and all-around wrong-feeling (although I did break my own personal record for the number of footnotes in an entry). I could take it down, but I'm not a taking-it-down kind of person. Oh well.

Woke up much later than expected 8 a.m. not 6 a.m.. But when I go to bed at 1 a.m., what else should I expect? It's only been in the last couple of years that I've only needed eight hours of sleep a night for years, I would get in ten if left uninterrupted, so I should know that my intended five just would not cut it.

Had some disturbing dreams that I cannot recall entirely. One was about my friend S. deciding to go to back to work at his previous job (yes, this qualifies as disturbing) and the other somehow involved Ivan Brunetti not as a person in the flesh (so to speak) but as an odd, over-arching presence. Gah. I had to brush my teeth four times this morning.

So, to give you all something better to think about than odd dreams and bad writing, I present to you:

Large Jadeite coffee cups!

They're down in the lower left corner, being oppressed by the plates. I want. I have things to say about Jadeite, but they'll have to wait. More later.

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