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14 January 2001
Short Attention Span

Unless the Ronco Naan-o-Matic is right around the corner and I just donít know about it yet, I want to buy or, better yet, build my own tandoor.

I hate people. I hate people. I hate people. Usually, I can hide this, but not after a trip to the mall. Went out there today to make a very grown-up purchase (little plastic storage containers so I can organize my sock and underwear collection Ė not the kind of thing I imagined wanting to actually buy back when I was twelve and imaging what my glamorous adult life would be like). Witnessed two fortyish women duking it out to the death over the only under-the-bed storage box left, right there in the middle of the aisle in front of the security camera and everyone. Home sales bring out the animal in people. Then they figured out that there were actually two under-the-bed storage boxes available. And they each wanted both of them. I left before a limb got ripped off, and soothed myself in the soap aisle.

Taco Bell for lunch Ė a set back for me, since I keep swearing that I will never ever ever eat fast food again. But I keep going back. When I lived in Oregon, there was fast food a-plenty, and I availed myself of it often. One day, I went to TB during my lunch break. This was back when they had those ubiquitous, irritating ads starring the smooth-talking, heavily-accented Chihuahua. I was standing behind a six-year-old boy with his mom. They got up to order. Mom orders, thinks it would be cute if boy gives his own order. Boy asks cashier, "Do you have any food with the dog in it?" No answer. Blank stare. Uncomfortable movements. Boy gets a taco (dog-free) instead.

Iím only halfway through A Hereticís Feast: A History of Vegetarianism by Colin Spencer, one of the books I got for Christmas, but based on my thoughts so far, I can solidly recommend it to you. Believe me on this one. It's good reading for anyone interested in food history [1], because it's a pretty concise account of how people's diets and attitudes towards food are affected by religion, government, philosophy and economic conditions.

Read this quote the other day, it kept running through my mind today. Go read all of her entries.

Guy and Girl are dating. Guy and Girl move into a place with a couple roommates and share a bedroom. Guy and Girl break up, but continue to share a room since they still get along and neither one wants to move out.

A month or so later Guy brings Other Girl home and takes her up to the shared bedroom to watch a movie by the minimal light of Girl's "sexy red lamp." Guy and Other Girl start making odd bumping noises upstairs while Girl is sitting in the living room trying to make the Sim version of Guy set himself on fire with the grill.

[1] All three of you out there.

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