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17 January 2001
Cake As A Right -- Not A Privilege

My birthday turned out to be pretty good. I thought I might be all depressed over it, but I turned out to be in a pretty good mood. I didnít have to go into work yesterday until noon (which had more to do with the general chaos of having five or six different things being repaired or installed at the new place rather than through any sort of birthday benevolence on the part of my employer), my coworker E. made me a lemon-flavored birthday cake, I got taken out for Mexican food, came home and watched Hana-bi, a movie which I love love love.

My aunt bought me a really nice dark purple silk scarf Ė everyone else gave me some money. It was enough to persuade me to order the new pair of Birkenstocks Iíve been wanting. I love the sandals I bought last summer, but I also want some closed-toe ones, which are better for winter and possibly more acceptable at any jobs I might have in the future. [1]

So, it was a good day. And now Iím sick today. I woke up with a sore throat and aching body parts right and left. But I went to work anyway. Itís strange Ė when I feel only a little sick, I donít mind calling in, but if Iím sick sick, thatís when I decide to be SuperEmployee and come in anyway. So I go in this morning, work on some things, and then get all tired and winded out just talking on the phone. So home again for me, where the pajamas and orange juice live.

So thanks to all who send me birthday greetings. I hope to live up to them, right after I get done napping on the couch.

[1] As opposed to my current job, with its "hey, wear a shirt, please" dress code.

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