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18 January 2001
16 Songs -- 17 Hits!

Unscheduled days off are always ultimately disappointing to me because I expect so much out of them. In the earliest hours of the morning, when I start to realize that I have a whole unplanned day ahead of me, I think today is going to be so epic. Iím going to read this much, write this much, organize this, cook that, and maybe watch some movies, too. Then it gets to be late afternoon and I havenít done nearly as much of any of it as Iíd like, and I get depressed and start to focus on how Iíve wasted an entire day. My problem is that it seems to me that the amount of unscheduled time I get grows smaller and smaller, so I feel that when it comes, I have to make the most of it. Which I do by giving myself a list of things to do during it. Which makes it technically scheduled time. Which is probably why unscheduled time seems to rare these days. Sometimes I have to remind myself: hey, if I want to spend the day laying around unbathed, listening to the Housemartins and watching decorating shows, thatís perfectly okay.

Which is what I did today. Iím still sick, more or less, but I really stayed home because there was a lot of electrical work being done on the new office today, so all the other employees either stayed home or went out in the field [1] today for fear of being electrocuted. Hey, I know when to lead, but just as important, I know when to follow what everyone else is doing.

I got a really nice pan for Christmas. My aunt bought me something I was planning to buy for myself (this occurred because she happened to be with me when I was planning to buy it and somehow wrangled it out of my hands) Ė a one-quart All-Clad chefís pan. Itís really heavy, and beautiful (as far as pans go) to look at, and I always imagine making great things in it. However, in the time that Iíve had it, I havenít felt much like making big meals, so I finally broke it in by making Ė tomato soup with ramen in it. Two cheap tastes that tasteÖwell, cheap together. Iím glad to stay that it was up to the challenge.

[1] Generic geologist term for "I donít feel like going to the office today, so Iím going somewhere outside, somewhere far away where you canít call me or reach me." I should call in someday and say Iím going out in the field, but for me the field would be like the bagel shop or someplace like that. I would be doing research, you know.

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