duck-shaped pain

5 February 2001
Son of "Shaved Chicken Diagram"

Busy weekend, busy morning. Too busy for a proper entry, so I'm going to be incredibly cheap and easy and present a hot new batch of Puzzling Search Engine Hits I Have Recieved:

  • "bastard futon"

  • "bra rustling" (!!!)

  • "Converse love"

  • "clog fetish" (again "clog fetish" always comes courtesy of the German version of Google)

  • "tiny duck"

  • "duck instructions"

  • "duck noodle"

  • "ghost poop"

  • "nasty tater + man"

  • "stucco havoc"

  • "teeth brunetti"

  • "back hair weakness"

  • "50s refrigerator + cheapo"

  • "mail an eggplant"

  • "pocket curry"

  • "Pocky wrapper"

  • "Idaho Spud" (on a daily basis)

  • "fat-fighting pantyhose"

  • "i hate beat happening"

  • "uncomfortable costume"

  • "what is my favorite canned soup"

  • "runaway shirt"

  • "shampooed gay guy"

  • "cilantro surprise"

  • "gas asshole"

  • "bottom of the barrel"

  • "cat hair hole"

  • "sweet potato plan"

  • "giant wedge sandwich"

  • "depressing cocoon"

  • "bleaching"

  • "beer pass"

  • "donut print pajamas"

  • "tomato county"

Good thing I don't get a lot of weird ones.

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