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I was born in the early days of 1974, descended from three generations of Coloradans on one side and many hardy southerners on the other. I was born in Utah, unfortunately, and have been back few times since. I grew up (and still reside) in a town of some size on the far western edge of Colorado. While I live there now, I did manage to escape for a while, living in Denver and then the Pacific Northwest.

I am a college student, majoring in history, at a small state college. I plan to go to graduate school after I get my bachelor's, specializing in either history or library science. I like researching and writing about the history of small things -- "micro-history" for lack of a better term -- and how they relate to societal events and trends as a whole. Cookbooks, buildings, dinnerware patterns, things like that.

I have a job, which is dull. Pays well, but is unremarkable. I tried to come up with a decent description of what it is I do, but someone else came up with something I canít top: I do "stuff at a place." Before my current dull job, I've been employed as a journalist, copy editor, data entry robot, newspaper delivery person, PR kiss-ass, Gap salesperson, and grumpy bookstore clerk. Work is not my life, really.

I am tallish and heavyish with hair of various colors and eyes of hazel (the un-color). There is even a picture available, if you wish to look at it. I am attracted to both women and men, but am not dating anyone at the moment.

I have a dog and I live in a house, with my many books and CDs and records. I like cooking, eating, reading and writing. I also own a lot of comfortable black shoes.

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