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1 November 2001
Greetings From Nowhere, Arizona

Hello, everyone.

Yes, I am still on my vacation. Yes, this will be a short entry. Internet access is piss-poor out here in the desert, booting me off at random intervals and making it hard to get on again. So I apologize for the brevity.

So far, I've driven about 1,000 miles and seen a whopping four states, including the one I live in. The towns I've driven through or spent time in so far include:

Moab, Utah -- a town consisting entirely of mountain bike instructors

Dove Creek, Colorado -- "Pinto Bean Capital of the World"

Cortez, Colorado -- wants to remind you that it, too, has pinto beans

Shiprock, New Mexico -- drove through really fast

Gallup, New Mexico -- "The Anus of the West"

The Zuni Indian Reservation -- reservation-riffic

Albuquerque, New Mexico -- excellent

Santa Fe, New Mexico -- a nice enough place when you can get away from the flakey rich white people

Winslow, Arizona -- a town capitalizing on the fact that the most interesting thing that has ever happened to it was that it was named in an Eagles song. They have a mural depicting this, I kid you not..

Meteor Crater Rest Area, Interstate 40, Arizona: the actual Meteor Crater is difficult to reach and expensive to visit. This is next best thing. Very popular because it is 140 miles from the nearest rest area on that interstate...

Sedona, Arizona -- see comment re: Santa Fe

Wickenburg, Arizona -- the only town with a grocery store in this part of Arizona. Bought beer and coffee creamer.

And now I'm here, in the little town (more like a town-let) where my grandparents live. It truly is in the middle of nowhere. My grandparents are having a yard sale this weekend, and from what I hear, it's going to be the most interesting thing happening for miles. Already, people are stopping by to see what they have, days in advance. I bet it will be an interesting time.

NaNoWriMo update: 0 words written to date.

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