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22 September 2002
Back in town.

Oh, hello.

Two classes of people will be reading this. Which one are you?

The first class of people will be the ones who are totally surprised. "Hey," they'll be saying, "I thought she stopped writing."

Well, I did stop writing. In here, that is. It's a long story.

The second class of people are those who just followed me here from the (surprise) other journal. They're not surprised, just exasperated, because I keep moving around.

So. The truth is, I didn't stop writing. I just wrote in a different journal for a few months. I have reasons for this, but none of them (in retrospect) were good ones. So, I'm now back here. I missed using the DSP title, and using it at the other site just didn't feel right.

Maybe it would help to think of the other site as a wee summer cabin that I moved to for a few months. And now it's fall: time to put on a sweater, move back to town, and get to work.

Some catching up, for those who need it:

My summer was pretty bad. I did a few pretty regrettable things (moving the journal was just one of them, but a minor one), and realized that I was actually fairly depressed, which I've been trying to deal with (at times successfully, at times not) since then. My job (same one) is better, amazingly. I went on a trip to Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC (haven't written about the latter yet). I started back at school a month ago, and I am having a good but very stressful semester. That's about it.

More to come.

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