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11 February 2002
Sequins vs. Hero Dog

Television continues to conspire against me: tonight, I had to choose between the dog show and figure skating. Two of the things I will always watch when they're on. And I have two tests tomorrow to study for. It was a real trial, I say.

The dogs won out, since there's still a much figure skating to go. All year round, more or less. But I have to wait until February each year for the dogs.

Making things worse is that vile little dogs kept winning -- first, a schnauzer, and later, a miniature poodle. The latter is beyond mention. The schnauzer, I guess, doesn't fall precisely into the vile little dog category -- it's more medium-sized. Still, I don't like it. I've never been a big fan of them, but I was at least slightly neutral on the subject of them winning dog shows, until Evil Stupid Lady started bringing in pictures of her umpteen miniature schnauzers (not the same breed, I realize, yet my feelings have transferred to the entire family of schnauzers) to work, all framed in glitter-pocked, heart-shaped frames. Hell, the picture of her kid doesn't even merit a frame. Somehow, she seems like the type of person that would have lots of shrieky little dogs.

Then they brought out the hero dogs. Weepy.

There should be some rules regarding dress at dog shows, for dog handlers have to be some of the worst-dressed people I've seen on TV lately. The woman handling the Chinese crested dog, who was wearing a leopard-print suit spattered with sequins was the worst. Unmentionable outfit, unmentionable dog. The Scottish terrier handler, wearing a sweater with dogs all over it, wasn't even close to Spangle Lady.

Tomorrow will be even better, because they save the best group for last -- herding dogs.

I have my presentation on museum exhibits today, and it went pretty well. It took longer to finish my paper than expected, since this is the first paper I've written where I've had to use endnotes rather than parenthetical references. It's a mild adjustment, but enough of one to take up needless time.

I'm glad I went first with my presentation. There was no one else scheduled to go today, so I got to talk and talk to my heart's content (it's a three-hour class). I had to do at least fifteen minutes of discussion. I was nervous about accomplishing even that much. But I looked up at the clock once I was done, and I had talked for forty. It didn't seem that long. And I wasn't heavily reliant on my written notes, which was even better.

I think I had almost too much information, since I felt like I had to try harder, being without an interview and all. But at the same time, I keep thinking about all the things I left out -- way too much stuff out there for a brief paper.

So now the rest of them have something to live up to. They all chose to do their presentations on the same day (there's only three other people in the same day), so they'll be under some time pressure. All I have to do is sit back and watch them that day. Ha ha.

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