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10 October 2002
Hundreds of chipmunks.

I had a dream the other night in which I had a baby, and lived in a Holiday Inn all the time. The baby and its stuff kept getting stolen, because I would forget to lock the door to our room, the car, and anything else lockable. Whenever a calamity would happen, the band Journey would break into my room and taunt me.

More proof, thanks to my subconscious, that a) I shouldn't ever have children and b) that I should stay away from the classic rock station.

It was an amazing day here, weather-wise: very sunny, and a balmy 72 degrees. It also happened to be the day that I finished a stupid project I had to do for work, and a day on which I had no reading to do or papers to write. So I skipped out on school early, missing Spanish, and went hiking instead. An odd thing for me to do, I have to admit, but the combination of good weather, my slug-like behavior as of late, and a need to get more use of out of the hiking shoes I bought this summer made it sound like an appealing idea. Much better, I think, than sitting in class, listening to people mumble, "Tengo…uh…tengo…ummm….tengo un cuaderno?" [1]

I drove up to the monument and hiked around for a couple of hours. The trail I selected is easy for the most part, but involves a pretty steep climb right at the end. The point where the trail becomes steep is also the same part where it becomes haphazardly marked. I would stumble up some rocks and then spend precious time looking around for the next trail marker. It doesn't help that the trail markers are made of cement, which has been tinted to be the exact color of the rocks that surround them. You'd think that this would be a good place for some lime green or something, but no. Anyway, my frequent stops assured that I wouldn't be too winded on my way up, but I was still tired when I reached my destination (this thing, only without the people in front of it). I lay down and took a short nap on the rock after I got up there. I took my shoes off, drank some water, and just tried to relax. It was surprisingly comfortable.

The sky was very blue yesterday. I tried to think of some words to describe how blue it was, but I couldn't think of anything natural that would work. The things I came up with were Gatorade blue, imitation turquoise blue, and new car blue.

I was not alone up there, either. There were two other hikers up there, each lugging two gallon jugs of water in each of their hands. They were silly and giggly, smacking each other in the butt with their water jugs. Then they left and I was surrounded by chipmunks and birds.

[1] "I have a notebook?"

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