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14 May 2004
Yes. I am embarassed.

Yes. It has been a very long time since I last updated. (hangs head in shame…)

Would it help if I told you all that the last few months have been possibly the busiest that I've had in years and years? What with trying to finish up my degree (so that I could graduate this week), trying (and am still trying) to wrap up my portion of the project I've been working on at work for the last five years (so that I can quit! finally quit! in two months), trying to get all sorts of things straight in the various groups and clubs I belong to (and have been a leader of sorts of) so that they can continue after I leave, and other, random things, it's been a very interesting couple of months.

The big news, of course, besides the fact that all of this is happening, is that I'll be moving in a few months, to here in order to go to school here in order to get me yet another degree with these people, which may lead to an even longer, more impressive degree. I got offered a lot of money (relatively: this is the humanities, after all) to go there, and hey, I'm going. The prospect is exciting, yet terrifying.

So, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to write in here, nor have I had a whole lot to say. Writing in here just doesn't feel urgent, or even right somehow (not in any sort of moral sense, though, right as in corresponding to some sort of need I might have or image of who I am, if that makes any sense). I'm working on some other type of site to replace this one: whether it gets done or not depends on the amount of laziness I manifest this summer. And, after the semester I had (and the work I will have to do once I start school anew), I feel extremely lazy.

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