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21 April 2006
I'll be right over.

I was at Thrift Town this morning with my mom. [1] I was looking at the skirts, when an announcement came over the store's p.a. system:

"Attention Thrift Town employees. The rice-pudding man is now here. I repeat, the rice-pudding man is here."

I really want to work somewhere where we get daily visits from the (or any, for that matter) rice-pudding man. Even better, 20 minutes later, there was another announcement about the arrival of the burrito man.

Employees are eating good at the thrift store.

[1] She bought things to sell on eBay, and I bought some shoes and two scarves. One of the scarves is emblazoned with the signatures of all the presidents up to Carter, and I'm not entirely sure I'll ever wear it (it has a definite red, white, and blue motif). However, I noticed that when I fold it in the usual way I fold such scarves, the signature of Gerald Ford is most visible around my neck.

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