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3 October 2002

I had a quiz yesterday over the stupid book I devoted the last entry to. I was glad it was over. Stepping outside after my quiz, it was raining hard, and the badly-designed-and-maintained sidewalks on campus were covered with pools of water. I nearly flung my book in one of them, until I remembered that I could probably get some money for selling it, and that it might be useful for the exam this month. So it received a stay of execution, but it had better watch out, once my need for it is done.

It's been raining here for weeks now. I feel like I've moved back to Oregon, only without any of the advantages that would bring. I still have to pay sales tax, for example, and deal with crappy little bookstores. I've been enjoying it, though, because rain makes me want to hole up in the library and read, accompanied by a hot beverage. I need all the reinforcement I can get.

I've been writing the word "Mississippi" a lot lately, since we're currently dealing with the South in not one, but two of my classes. I notice that whenever I spell it, I have to say the letters as I write them. M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. It sounds like a train moving along the tracks. Most of the time, I can just say it in my head, but sometimes, when I am alone or when I am tired, I say it out loud. Both make me feel like I am in first grade again, learning to spell.

I slept for 11 hours last night, and I feel really good. I always feel good when I get a large amount of sleep, which makes me wonder why I don't, most of the time. I have three (!) papers to write today (none of them horribly long, but because there are three of them, they are inspiring much dread) and figured that I could use the boost.

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