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28 October 2002
You have to write papers about hiking, too.

What I wrote:

"(Name of Company) has an extensive client list."

What they wrote:

"(Name of Company) has cultivated and enjoyed an extensive lineup of clients, customers and other people we have worked for."

Guess which one of these The Employer liked better for our marketing brochure? Apparently, he enjoys redundancy and likes having his company's output compared to a rosebush ("cultivated and enjoyed"?) rather than just being direct about it.


Unpleasant truths about organizing events, at least for events that took place this week that I attended:

If you don't have a lot of food, a lot of people will show up.

If you bring in a lot of food, attendance will be limited to a mere few, mainly those who brought said food.

The second night of the Should You Go To Graduate School? Seminar was a great success for those who should up, mainly because there were many more faculty present than interested students. So we all got a lot of attention and didn't have to fight each other to get our questions asked. The most lopsided ratio, though, was the number of cookies to people, and there were many more present than could be eaten. But from an organizing standpoint, the limited number of attendees is sort of puzzling.

I registered for classes today. Looks like a fun spring semester. I have two history courses (Environmental History of the U.S.; The Civil War and Reconstruction), the next semester of Spanish, an anthropology course (The United States as a Foreign Culture), and three PE courses. Yes, I attend a college that requires you to take PE classes. They're really lame, and you have to take three of them. Thankfully, they're all short little module courses and only last a few weeks. I have to take the "academic" PE class (Human Performance and Wellness [1]) and two activity classes. I chose Hiking and T'ai Chi, which actually don't sound bad, given the reports I've heard about them. But my mind still boggles at having to take them.

[1] Human Performance and Wellness is the name of the physical education major here at school, which just reinforces my theory that the more words in the name of your major, the more worthless it is.

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