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22 October 2002
I don't want to read any of these term papers.

Recent library catalog searches at my college's library:

"how to have sex with Davey" (no matches)

"who is the qween of England?" (no matches; one of several desperate attempts to look for information on the "qween")

"penguins making videos" (no matches)

"booberry cereal" (no matches)

"chimpanzee drinking game" (2 matches, neither of which seemed to be revelant)

"where can I buy a term paper" (no matches)

"the art of harry belafonte" (no matches)

The caches on the library computers aren't cleaned out very often, so when you type in a search word, a list of all the recent searches pops up, for the fun and amusement of all.

I just learned of the existence of these today. I am very surprised to have not seen them before, the way that people proudly adorn their cars around here.

Next: ass cheeks to accent your tailpipe!

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