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13 April 2006
Almost a wrap.

I am so tired. This week has been pretty exhausting. I graded 60 blue-book exams, tried to read one of the most poorly written and organized books I have ever been assigned, and, most importantly of all, finished up all of the final edits on my thesis manuscript.

Tomorrow, I have to go print off my color photos, fix a mystery footnote that I've been meaning to work on for a month and a half now, and then find a laser printer capable of printing off 190 pages of text in a short period of time. Then I will take my manuscript, put it in the special thesis box that I had to buy for the occasion, and walk it over to the proper office. At that point, I am done -- all I have to do is wait for the official notification, and I will have a master's degree.

(Of course, since I'm continuing on, it actually doesn't feel like a big deal -- it's like graduating from eighth grade: an important milestone, but you still have a lot more to go.)

So this will be the first weekend in about a year that I haven't had The Thesis hanging over my head. I don't think I'm going to know what to do with myself.

Maybe I'll take a nap.

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