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27 September 2002
Worse than using "scrapbook" as a verb, even.

There's bad, bad English out there. I edited a document at work today which had been through the stinky, meddling hands of six or seven people in various locations before it got to me.

In my world, there is nothing worse that the dreaded Verbing of the Noun. This document, besides being a holy, incense-covered altar to the passive voice, contained some very jarring made-up verbs.

"tasked" -- as in, "Someone tasked him with the project."

"proposaled" -- as in, "The idea was proposaled to us last May."

Then, oh then, there were the resumes. I continue to edit people's resumes, and it continues to hurt. People who are otherwise competent and very nice are handing in resumes that are written in all capital letters. Or they are capitalizing random words in their resumes, apparently to make the ideas within sound Fancy and Extra Important.


I got my test back today in my American Indian History class. This was a test that I felt very badly about. Although I had studied extensively, I panicked while taking the test, and what I wrote didn't seem well-organized and barely covered the topic that it was supposed to cover. I felt as if I had answered a question well; alas, that question was not the one asked on the test.

Anyway, I my perception seems to be off. I got a 73 (out of 75), and was the only person in the class to score in the 70s. I looked back over what I wrote and it still seems out of whack. There are two possibilities here. Either one could be true, or both could be true. Either everyone else did very badly, and mine was excellent only in comparison or I'm being really hard on myself. You decide.

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