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25 November 2001
Anemic Precipitation

Today … snow.

Not a lot of snow, unfortunately. Not the kind of white cover that makes me feel like bunkering down for the day, drinking coffee, wearing sweaters and reading. [1] No, this was slushy wimpy snow -- not a great show for our first snowfall of the season.

It was enough to kill off some of the plants, though. I woke up this morning to a dead basil (most of which had been killed off weeks ago, so no big loss -- I was down to one spindly stalk flecked with sparse leaves), a dead eggplant and an ailing sage. I went out and picked the tiny eggplants that were left on the plant and now I don't know what to do with them. I planted this plant in March and it grew and grew, finally producing the desired purple things in August, but none of the fruit it bore ever grew ripe. What I got instead of the luscious baba ganoush makers I wanted was a bunch of bitter hard purple orbs which don't seem to be tasty in anything. Next year, I'll try a different variety.

At least the rosemary struggles on.

My days since Thanksgiving have been uneventful, but that was planned. My one journey outside the house on Friday involved going to the post office and the library: the latter was nicely empty [2], but the former was frenzied with those attempting to mail things. Only the day after Thanksgiving, and people are already starting to yell at others in frustration. Normally, that doesn't happen until later in the holiday season.

The rest of the time has been spent reading and trying to write and getting sucked back into the Sims again, after a break of nearly a year.

Tonight for dinner: green chile stew. I'm trying a new recipe. If it turns out good, I'll post it later.

The great Xmas/holiday card signup continues: if you want one of my fantabulous, spandacular handmade cards, let me know or something…

[1] To be honest, I feel like this most days, but certain types of weather tend to exacerbate that feeling.

[2] Usually, our library is pretty packed. Normally, this makes me happy, seeing lots of people use it -- more users means more funding and all -- but it was refreshing to be inside the one place in town that wasn't swarming with people on Friday.

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