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10 August 2001
Now A Productive Member of the Team

As you all know, it's been raining buckets here this week.

A couple of inches last night, a sprinkling this morning. Everything sticky, sodden and sullen.

However, not everyone is dismayed. Some things out there actually like the rain.

I went out on the deck this morning to examine the plants, and found that my normally obstinate and non-productive eggplant plant had changed its mind sometime during the night.

Where there was once only a leaf, there is now a little purple flower. A blossom. A pre-eggplant.

Whether this actually develops into an eggplant [1] remains to be seen. Later developments will be reported.

[1] At last notice, eggplants of the sort this plant is supposed to grow were selling at the farmers' market for three for a dollar. The seeds for this plant alone cost more than that not to mention the pot and the soil and the brow furrowing that was involved. Will it be worth it in the end? Who knows.

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