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4 February 2004
Please don't call me ever again.

I'm already nervous enough. I mean, this is my last semester of school, and people keep asking me about What It Is That I Plan To Do When I Graduate, and I don't really have an answer for them. It's not in my hands right now. I have to wait for disgruntled committees of people, assuredly staffed with people who don't like committee work, and who are on these committees due to some sort of sense of obligation or to be a total suck-up, all located in distant places, to get together and decide my future. And, if the answer happens to be "no," then I have to calculate some other plan. So I am lacking in any easy sort of answer here, and that makes me nervous, and other people just look at me crazy-like.

So things aren't helped by the fact that I keep getting phone calls from Potential Graduate School #2 this week, all asking random-ish questions and other queries that make me silently panic.

Friday. The woman calls, and tells me that she needs me to fill out a form that I have apparently forgotten to fill out. (Here, I start to go nuts, thinking, crap, I just screwed everything up, due to a simple stupid form…). She says, "Oh, it's just a form to make sure that you're eligible for department funding. We don't send out this form with our information packets, and it's not available on our website, so don't worry about having not sent it in." (So, this is some sort of mystery form, that you only send out to the people who somehow make it past some secret first step. That's messed up.)

Monday: "Oh, I'm just calling to make sure that you're still graduating in May." (Do you doubt me???)

Tuesday: "I just wanted to let you know that the Office of Graduate Studies has you down for the wrong degree track on your application. I need you to send me an email that authorizes me to switch your application from the A track to the B track. Don't worry, I know that on the instructions, it says for you to specify that you want the A track (the B track is only used for Very Special Circumstances), but this is a typographic error that we've been trying to clear up for a couple of years now. I have to call everyone and do this to them, so don't worry." (Couple of years? Do I want to go somewhere where it takes so long to clear up administrative typos?)

I don't know if they're going to call me today. I hope not, because this is driving me insane.

My advisor: "Don't worry. They wouldn't spend so much time calling you if they weren't interested in you."

On a less-irritating note:

Via both effrontery and tunguskan, here is a map of All of the States I Have Visited (the green states are the neglected ones):

Looks like I need to spend some more time in the South. And where it's really cold, or cold and flat.

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