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15 August 2001
Little. Demented. Hard to Resist.

I admit it -- the idea is sort of demented -- little Hello Kitty figurines wearing various forms of traditional Thai dress.

But now they're not only demented -- they belong to me.

(Click on the picture for a bigger version)

(A gift to me via eBay)

Thrift stores never fail to amuse me. What grown woman would wear a sweater embroidered with hundreds of crayons? Is it the same woman who would buy a coffee mug that says, "Jesus is my favorite famous Jew"?

Today's haul at the farmer's market:

  • 2 pounds of tomatoes

  • 3 Japanese eggplants

  • 2 enormous (each one is about 6 inches tall) green bell peppers and one comparatively petite purple bell pepper

  • Some yellow squash

  • 5 heads of garlic

  • Baker's dozen o' sweet corn

  • A macaroon

All for $5.50. Can't beat that.

Bought a new CD player yesterday, to replace the rain-damaged one. It's nicer than the one I originally had, and was about half what I paid for that one. No car kit, though -- but the one I have still seems to work fine.

However, it is not chartreuse. I could have bought a red one, but the design of it was sort of cheesy -- so I ended up with one that is simultaneously blue and clear.

I can now see what's playing without even having to open up the device. Not something I'd always hoped for, but sort of nice.

I have no real substantial thoughts at this time.

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