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Today will be a rather short entry, as I've been really busy today and I'm getting ready to go out of town for a couple of days. I actually had a better entry planned for today. I wrote it out in one of my notebooks, but every time I try and type it up, it just doesn't look right on the screen. I think it needs more work.

Today, I got something new. I finished up my old notebook today, and have been looking for one to replace it for a couple of days now. I haven't had much luck. Ledger-type notebooks like the one I was using before are about $25-30 at the office supply stores around here. I don't want a composition book, and spiral notebooks bother me. Any lefty in the world will understand why. Most of the journals and blank books you find in stores are way too fancy, overpriced and don't have the amount of paper I require.

But, late today, I finally found a great notebook, at, yes - hang me if you wish, Barnes and Noble. It's not too big, it's bright red, and it has 600! pages of wonderful, smooth paper that just beckons you to write on it. I almost overlooked this one since it isn't lined paper. It has grid paper in it, but after thinking about it for awhile, I decided it wouldn't bother me too much. As soon as I put it in my hands, though, I knew it was the one. I know this seems like an awful lot of effort to put into finding a notebook, but I wanted to find just the right now, so as to not jeopardize my 6-week-old writing streak. I've actually been writing something every day for six weeks, which is a proud, proud record for me.....

I'm going to be in Montrose, Colorado, for a few days, so I don't know if there's going to be any diary entries until Monday or so.

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