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Oh, I forgot to mention one thing in the recently and hastily written previous entry.

The only bad thing about my visit to the doctor (and, mind you, it's almost a stretch to call this bad -- disappointing, maybe) is that they took down my favorite poster, one that was hanging in their x-ray room. Farewell, "Great X-Rays of the NFL." You were so much more fascinating than "Our Amazing Knee." Sorry to see you go.

Also, I celebrated my new nearly-healed-leg status in the most decadent way possible. I took a long, long shower -- standing up! No more of this lathering up while sitting on a metal folding chair business for me, thankfully. It just feels wrong to shower sitting down, and it's really hard to get everything as clean as it possibly could be while doing so. Which is exactly what you wanted to know about showering sitting down, I know.

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