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31 May 2004
Boxes are in the way.

I have been cooking a lot this weekend. On Friday, it was grilled salmon with cucumber and onion gazpacho. Saturday, I made an excellent tomatillo and green chile posole (tomatillos automatically equal "excellent"), from a recipe I cut out of a magazine years ago and found a few days ago, pinned under a chair in my office. This dish I served with garlic and goat-cheese quesadillas. Tonight, I made burritos with lime-glazed chicken, spinach and cucumber-yogurt sauce. Since my work load has lessened as of late, I have more time to cook, and since I have the money to spend on fancy ingredients, I figure that I need to get the good cooking in while I can, since in a few months, I'll probably be busy as hell and trying to subsist on my tiny grad-student stipend.

Getting rid of things has been the other thing preoccupying me lately. I need to get rid of things in order to assure a smoother move, but I feel as if I should take things beyond that and go sort of minimalist (at least, as minimalist as I can get). I have a lot of stuff: the many things I've acquired since I moved back here, bunches and bunches of stuff still in boxes from when I moved back from Oregon, and, even, things that I packed up (and since forgotten about) when I moved to Denver a long time ago.

I watched part of the Clean Sweep marathon this afternoon, to try and get inspiration. I need to get someone to come over here and yell at my things, so that they get in line, like frightened mice. Someone to tell me that no, I don't need six teapots, even though they're all neat, even as I argue back that I do, indeed, need two blenders, as they both have distinct and important uses. [1] And, the three French presses? One is for using every day, the other (the tiny one) is for work, travel, and the third (the pretty one) is for looking at while I use the first one in the morning. This is how I have gotten into my predicament and now face my certain fate.

The 400 CDs aren't going away, though. Nope. No-one could manage to talk me out of them. I've had to sell CDs to move a couple of times before, and it has always sucked.

[1] The blender blender blends drinks, vast quantities of cucumber, other cold things. The immersion blender makes it less of a hassle to puree large amounts of hot things, plus it can set straight a jar of hazelnut butter that has separated like nothing else can. If I got rid of one, I'd just end up buying another in a few months anyway.

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