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Where I Bravely Redesign

Where I Am No Fun At All

Where I Meet A Clog-Wearin' Man And Do NOTHING About It

Where I Ponder "Tater"

Where I Apologize

Where I Am A Snot

Where I Rocketh

Where I Don't Have Much To Say, Sorry

Where I Think About Becoming A Heretic

Where I Don't Look For These People -- They Just Find Me

Where I Am Petty And Nasty

Where I Lay Down The Biscuit Guidelines

Where I Let The Archetypes Speak Through Me

Where I'm Just A Bad Penny

Where I Get Prescription Socks

Where I Waver Between Drama And The Complete Absence Of Drama

Where I Randomly Snipe At Things

Where I Suck

Where I Drink Tiny Beers And Wander Around Looking For Some Guy

Where I Have A Decision To Make

Where I Am Not Swayed By The Promise of a Funnel Cake

Where I Befriend Some Giant Cheese

Where I Have A Surplus of Employment

Where I Am Impatient With Electronics

Where I Say, To Hell With Black!

Where I Feel Like An Adult, For Once


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