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Where I Put It Up And Complain About It

Where I Get Lucky

Where I Egg On A Useless Rivalry

Where I Anger Some Children

Where I Write Something Just to Show Off Pretty Pictures

Where I Really Did Wrestle An Octopus

Where I Go Against All That Is Right

Where I Say No To Marsupials

Where I Try To Make Momentous Food Decisions

Where I Natter On About Various Things

Where I Wonder How Many Times You Can Sniff That

Where I Am Everywhere, Yet Nowhere

Where I Receive Other People's Unwanted Gifts

Where I Get Grossed Out

Where I List Some Surprises

Where I Cough and Hack

Where I Give Away My Secrets

Where I Wash Some Sweaters For No Good Reason

Where I Can't Find The Yellow

Where I Excavate the Past

Where I Shock The Easily Shocked

Where I Am A Person, Not A Number

Where I Take This Job And Loathe It

Where I Become Disgusting To You

Where I Cough Less

Where I Am Rural In Theory Only

Where I Ain't Squintin' No More

Where I Hear About Excessive Gas


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