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Where I Couldn't Get Ahead

Where I Pick The Green One

Where I Acquire An Air Of Sternness

Where I Am The Only One Left

Where I Am Sleek and Muscly

Where I Allay My Fears

Where I Have Nothing To Say

Where I Wait For Many Hours

Where I Speculate

Where I Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Wool.

Where I Set Myself Up For Possible Failure

Where I Boo At Nutlet

Where I Can't Read

Where I See Banjos Everywhere

Where I Return To Brevity

Where I Meet Queen Malekah

Where I Am Nine Miles From Cheese

Where I See Green, Fish, Soup

Where I List Things

Where I Return

Where I Finally Cull The Sick And The Old

Where I Whine About Having Too Many CDs

Where I Offer a Pale Substitute

Where I Swear There Are No Notes Inside

Where I Pine For The Crunch

Where I Go From A to B

Where I Get My Picture Taken

Where I Get The Stick

Where I Reveal Planned Unpleasantness

Where I Love Love Love

Where I Don't Do What I Was Going To Do

Where I Get Buried Further By The Pile

Where I Get Surprised

Where I Fear For The Future of Wheat

Where I Testify To The Heaviness

Where I Do Nothing

Where I Place Trust In Little Green Things

Where I Bag Them Yeller Squash


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