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Where I Go Gray

Where I Think About The Corn Parade

Where I Am Blessed By The Yard Sale Spirits

Where I Enjoy Biscuit Sticks Covered With Chocolate

Where I Fail To Make Dull Things Interesting

Where I Put Things Into Categories, Much Like Ketchup

Where I Am Surrounded By Much Hand Lotion

Where I Marvel At Such Cleanliness

Where I Drive Around For Miles and Miles

Where I Examine New Products

Where I Have A Frightening Brush With Sheer Idiocy

Where I Admit That Avocado Exists

Where I Relax To The Soothing Sounds of Intermittent Drumming

Where I Win Some And Lose Some

Where I Admit My One Shoe Fetish

Where I Defy Astronomical Odds

Where I Get Sick And Accidentally Buy Soy Milk

Where I Ramble On About Idaho, Sort Of

Where I Tell You The Vacuum Cleaner Story

Where I Put Batteries in a Crab

Where I Learn Where Not To Buy Shoes

Where I Learn To Put Spaces in Where Spaces Go

Where I Write Things Down on Little White Cards

Where I Don't Buy Any Folders

Where I Wear Shirts Over and Over Again

Where I Establish A Routine

Where I Learn Key Phrases

Where I Name The Eggplant

Where I Admit I Like Some Songs Only For Their Titles

Where I Breathe In Smoke

Where I Listen to The Eagles

Where All I Wanted Was A Pepsi

Where I Admit To Illegal Activities and Encouraging Bad TV

Where I Tell You About Shameful Habits

Where I Laugh At Death and It Laughs Back

Where I Lay Down Some Rules


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